It takes you to dream land”

— N. De La Cruz

Ahavas Lullaby

Vanessa Romero

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Children's Lullabies

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  1. 1 Stay Awake 04:39
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  2. 2 Hush little baby 04:06
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  3. 3 Golden Slumbers 04:01
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  4. 4 Brahms Lullaby 04:51
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  5. 5 Ahavas Lullaby 03:13
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Thank You/ Credits

Produced & Musically Arranged by: Aaron De La Cruz
All Vocals by: Vanessa Romero
Recorded at: Progressive Music & Arts Entertainment
Photographer: Richard Briseno
MUA: Claudia Camacho
Videographer: Alex Hernandez
Thank You:
Aaron De La Cruz - For your patience and dedication to seeing this project to completion. I think it is safe to say that this has been the most relaxing and peaceful project you have worked on so far. Coffee, fresh air and the occasional moving around was imperative :) You are such a talented musician, songwriter, artist and producer... Thank you my dear brother! 
Richard Briseno - For your incredible talent behind the lens of the camera and your willingness to contribute to this project. You worked under a strict time line and delivered my brother. Thank you dearly! 
Claudia Camacho - You are an amazing makeup artist and a beautiful human being! It was a joy to work with you on this project! Your ability to see my visions and bring them to life was extremely rewarding. 
Sandra E. Artist - You are a one of a kind human being, truly a beautiful soul and a mentor to me. I love you, Sandra, and thank you for planting such beautiful seeds into my life! You urged me to record this project and I thank you for your persistence. 
Brianna Viteri, Brianna De La Cruz & Jackie De La Cruz - Some of the sweetest young ladies I know. All talented and beautiful in you're own right! Your assistance on the project was a huge help to me. You came with great energy and willing to help in any way needed. Now how about that girl's day I promised? :) 
Norma De La Cruz - For supporting your husband and I through this musical journey, for your musical insight, baby support to the little one when needed, and the pep talks between vocals while sitting around the kitchen table. I appreciate you very much! 
Alex Hernandez - For your creative direction over "Ahavas Lullaby" video and making yourself available. 
Shay Hernandez - My gorgeous friend! Your leads on this project were so insightful and resourceful. Thank you for your contributions! 
Alexus & Elaina Hernandez - Two precious young girls who entertained Ahava while shooting the video and made her feel very welcomed throughout the entire day of production. Thank you for being so sweet and hospitable. 
Jontae Pham - Our conversations are always so enriching and uplifting. I know you carry me in your beautiful heart and you pray nothing but the best over all humanity. You are the kind of person every human being should know because you carry the light of God. You are just as much a part of this project because of your prayers. Thank you for carrying the load with me, my sweet friend! 
Patti Arlt - A gifted, brilliant woman; a loving mother; and an amazing wife! You have always made yourself available to me for questions when I felt unsure about the process of the project. 
Michelle Soares - What were the odds of us meeting up again in a crowd of 10,000 plus people? Yet, I knew I would meet you. It was expected that our lives would, not only cross, but also connect. You are truly my soul sister, and distance cannot keep us separated because we are connected in spirit. I love you my precious friend. 
Cindy Da Ponte - You are a force, my sweet Sister, a gem and a valuable human being. Your talent to details, design and your professionalism are out of this world! You have been a Godsend to us all! We are in debt to you... literally ;) 
Jason (my trainer) - My time with you in the gym was imperative to getting me to where I am at today. You helped me see into myself and took me to that next level. Thank you for investing your knowledge and helping me achieve my goals. 
Mr. & Mrs. Romero (My Parents) - Mom & Dad you have always been supportive of my gifts. Always willing to assist me in any way possible. This time around you provided your granddaughter with childcare while Mommy worked to complete this project. You were the phone call I made when I felt overwhelmed with the load a project like this demands and you were the one of the voices that would remind me that I can do this and that I would complete this. I love you Mom & Dad! 
Yasmin (My Mother-n-Law) - Hands down, I have the best Mother-n-Law, and you show so much love to us all. Thank you for your patience and understanding through it all. 
My siblings ( Valerie, Pamela, Jesse) I love the three of you very much! Thank you for the love and support you have given me with my career. I know you have always believed in me. 
My Nephews, Nieces, Great-Nephews, and Great-Nieces - I am one blessed Auntie/ Great - Auntie. Nothing gives me more joy than to see you all flourishing and developing into your greatness (which you all possess). If I could turn back time, I would love to sing these same songs to you when you were babies. I love you all very much! 
Rose Nava - My gym buddy and friend. You're an amazing person! We laugh together, push each other to excellence and I am so glad we connected. Looking forward to sharing more highlights in life with you. 
Marsha Valencia - You are a light! You carry such joy within you and wisdom! You are gift in my life, my precious friend. You have taught me many beautiful things and have spoken great truths into my life. I feel you in the wind , my precious Sister! 
Fernando Arreola & Platinum Nutrition (Upland, CA) - The Romero's appreciate your genuineness. To new friendships and much success my brother! 
Ronie - You're my sister, great friend and you have become part of the family. Thank you for being a great support to my work. 
Justin & Carolina - Reach for greatness that is within you! Looking forward to seeing you both rise and shine to your amazing potentials! 
Angela Burwick - My incredible midwife! Never once did you make me feel like a "client" or a number but rather a friend. You listened to me with patience and a caring heart. You supported my choices, made me aware that I had options and provided a great amount of knowledge to this first time mom. Thank you for being apart of our birth story! 
Tania McCracken - You were an amazing addition to the delivery team! Your skill as a photographer captured one of the most empowering moments in my life, the birth of our daughter and the rebirth of me. 

Miguel - My Best Friend & Husband, Life is beautiful with you! Thank you for working along side me in life and being an amazing husband and Father! I love you. 

This project is dedicated to my daughter, Ahava Sofia. Truly, it's because of you that the project does exist. You gave me a reason to sing these lullabies and inspired the words that formed your song "Ahavas Lullaby." 

May these renditions and "Ahavas Lullaby" bring peace over our families, homes, and children. May grace and love establish its roots in all our hearts and may we raise our children to be champions of all that is good and true. ~ V. Romero 

The project is lovely! I like the album's ethereal takes it from just being music alone, to being an actual ambience...”

— L. Harrison (mother of 3 precious baby boys)